About us

We are self- taught potters but we have honed our skills in recent years by studying with some of the best ceramic artists in the UK including David Roberts, Jane Perryman and Richard Phethean.

We now specialise mostly in Raku pottery because we love the nail biting and unpredictable nature of this pottery and the effects and designs we can achieve with fire and smoke.

picture of Sue Motley

Sue Motley

My principal career has been as a primary school headteacher with a specialist interest in the creative arts but I now spend most of my time in the pottery!!

I enjoy the process of throwing or building a pot but the creation of an image or pattern on its surface is the most exciting part of the making for me.

I look for inspiration all around but I am particularly drawn to Art Deco design with its bold shapes and sharp lines

picture of Adrian Dent

Adrian Dent

Unfortunately I still have a day job as an academic research consultant but find myself more and more in the pottery.

My love of creating ceramics started early in my life when I collected Victorian and Arts and Crafts movement ceramic tiles which illustrate manufacturing and decorative processes in ceramics.

The excitement for me is in understanding and exploiting the science behind the art of ceramics.